Why Cedar Fencing is the Best Choice for Your Home

by | May 5, 2023 | Cedar Fencing

Cedar is a prevalent choice for wood fencing, and it is immediately recognizable thanks to its reddish color and beautiful grain pattern. Cedar fencing is a good choice for many because, unlike pine wood (another common wood fencing material), it is quite low maintenance and can last a very long time.

Because cedar fencing simply refers to using cedar wood as the material for creating the fence, there is not necessarily a “typical” cedar fencing style. You can get a simpler-looking design for your fence, like a solid board or a board-on-board construction, or you can opt for a more intricate design, like a shadowbox or a French gothic picket construction, as well as a number of others. This makes cedar fencing an excellent option for someone looking to have a more personalized feel to their yard.

Why Is Residential Cedar Fencing the Best for Your Home?

Now that you know a little more about what cedar fencing is, and the variety of styles you can get of this type of fence, you may wonder why exactly you should opt for cedar fencing for your home instead of another material. When it comes to residential fencing, cedar fences are an excellent choice for a number of reasons.

So, without further ado, let’s get into some of the many reasons why cedar fencing is the best choice for your home fencing needs!

Looks Great

As mentioned above, cedar fencing is not only a gorgeous reddish color with a stunning grain pattern, but it is also highly customizable. If you are looking for a spaced picket fence for your yard, you can do that with this type of fencing. If you are looking for a solid board design or a fence with a beautiful trellis design on top of the fence itself, those are both options with cedar fencing.

This easy customizability makes cedar fencing an excellent choice for residential areas as it can help you select the design of fence that perfectly suits your home. It can also help you stand out from your neighbors and more easily identify your home in your neighborhood.

Is Affordable

Another reason why many homeowners pick cedar fencing for their homes is that it is very cost-effective. Other fencing materials, like vinyl or wrought iron, may look absolutely stunning, but that visual impact comes with a hefty price tag. Many different kinds of wood, even exotic hardwoods, may be less expensive than stone or wrought iron, but in comparison to cedar, they are still much more expensive than cedar. So, cedar wood fencing is a great way to not compromise on beauty but also not break the bank by installing a fence on your property.

cedar fencingIs Durable

Many people think that simply because this fencing is made of wood, it will not be as durable as metal fencing. However, this is actually not true. When treated correctly, cedar wood fencing can last for years — even in places with heavy rain or snow. Your fence can even last decades if you perform annual maintenance, check for any weak spots, and recoat or treat any areas that show wear.

Cedar is one of two types of wood that makes excellent fences (the other being redwood, which tends to be more expensive than cedar). This is because not only is cedar strong and sturdy, but it also contains natural oils that help it to resist decaying and ward off insects. Cedar fencing is also highly resistant to shrinkage as cedar is a very stable wood.

Requires Little Maintenance

Due to the natural properties of cedar, cedar fences do not need to be pressure-treated to hold up to the elements (unlike pine fencing, which does need this type of protection). Cedar is naturally weather resistant and repels most bugs, so you do not have to worry about your fence deteriorating.

This said, if you want your fence to last as long as possible, you should still give it yearly maintenance. This simply entails washing down your fence with soap and water once a year and checking it regularly for any loose boards, damage, or rot.

Gives You Privacy

Unlike a chain link fence or a wrought iron fence, cedar fencing is typically built with privacy in mind. You can have a solid wooden structure of cedar boards to completely obscure visibility into your yard. Consequently, this also helps to block sounds as well. Additionally, you can shape your fence to match your particular landscaping more effectively, which can also help to provide the level of privacy you’re looking for in your yard.

Increases Property Value

Fences make homes more valuable when they are on the market. When people buy a home, most of the time, they look for a fenced-in yard. Fences provide a level of security and safety that many homeowners (or soon-to-be homeowners) look for in a home. This is especially true if those potential buyers have young kids or pets or are looking to start a family.

A cedar fence makes a particularly good investment into your home’s property value because it does not cost as much as other materials to install and is quite low maintenance as well. So this means that your cost over time is going to be much less than if you installed a higher-maintenance fence and had to keep up with it over the years.

Weathers Well

Cedar is a type of wood and, as such, will deteriorate over time. However, the natural oils in cedar help it to deteriorate more slowly — and staining or treating the outside of the fence can slow this deterioration even further. But, even without treatment, cedar fences are known for weathering exceptionally well. Many homeowners even love the silvery appearance of cedar fencing as it ages and weathers.

Want to Learn More About Home Cedar Fencing?

Now that you understand the many benefits of cedar fencing, you may be ready to start planning your own fencing project. But, if you are still on the fence about whether or not cedar is the right choice for you or what design of fence would best suit your home, reach out to our team today at Draper Fencing Company to get a free estimate or call (317) 483-0562 to learn more about having a cedar fence installed!

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