The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Right Fence Material in Avon, IN

by | Jun 26, 2024 | Aluminum Fence, Avon, Cedar Fencing, Chain Link Fencing, Vinyl Fencing

Avon, Indiana was only incorporated in 1995 but was originally founded around 1830.  As it continues to grow it brings a unique blend of modern houses with historical houses.  Choosing the right fence for your property can increase the curb appeal of your home.  Here at Draper Fencing, we want to offer you a variety of products to meet your financial needs along with the aesthetics, quality, and functionality that you are looking for.  The first step in the process is to schedule a free in-person estimate so our professional estimator can discuss your specific needs and put together a quote that will meet your needs. In this blog, we will discuss the different types of material that are available and the benefits of each.

Cedar FenceFencing Material in Avon

Enhanced Aesthetics:

Elevate the visual appeal of your property with the natural warmth and charm of cedar. The distinct grains and tones of cedar wood create a timeless and inviting atmosphere, making your fence not just a functional barrier but a stylish addition that enhances the overall aesthetics of your outdoor space. Cedar is known for its warm tones and appealing grain patterns that enhance a variety of architectural styles.

Weather Resistance:

Cedar’s inherent properties make it an excellent choice for all seasons. Resistant to decay, warping, and cracking, our cedar fences withstand the challenges of varying weather conditions, ensuring that your investment remains sturdy and beautiful year after year.

Natural Durability:

Experience the durability of cedar, known for its ability to resist pests and decay without the need for chemical treatments. This natural resistance means your fence will stand strong against the elements, providing a reliable and long-lasting solution for your property. One desirable feature of cedar is that its natural oils effectively repel insects and resist moisture. When properly maintained a cedar fence can have a long lifespan anywhere from 15-30 years.

Versatility in Design:

Choose from a wide array of design options to tailor your cedar fence to your specific taste and needs. Whether you prefer a classic picket style, a modern horizontal layout, or a custom design, our cedar fences can be customized to complement your property’s architecture and your personal style.

Some of the designs that Draper Fencing does are:

  • Traditional Picket
  • Privacy Fence  (shadowbox, board on board,solid board)
  • Horizontal Slat
  • Lattice Top
  • Privacy and Security:

Enjoy enhanced privacy and security with our cedar fences. The sturdy construction and customizable height options create a reliable barrier, giving you peace of mind while maintaining a sense of seclusion in your outdoor space.


Opt for an eco-friendly fencing solution with cedar. As a renewable resource, cedar is harvested sustainably, making it an environmentally conscious choice. By choosing a cedar fence, you contribute to the preservation of forests and minimize the ecological impact of your property.

Increased Property Value:

Investing in a cedar fence is not just about immediate benefits; it’s an investment in the long-term value of your property. The timeless appeal and durability of cedar can significantly enhance your home’s curb appeal, potentially increasing its resale value in the real estate market.

cedar fence from Draper Fencing Company goes beyond mere functionality. It’s a statement of style, durability, and environmental responsibility—a wise investment that transforms your outdoor space into a haven of beauty and security. Choose cedar for a fence that stands the test of time while enhancing the character of your home.

Aluminum Fence

Benefits of Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fences have become a popular choice for residential and commercial properties due to their unique combination of practicality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Here are some benefits of aluminum fences:

Durability in Diverse Conditions:

Aluminum fences excel in diverse weather conditions. They resist rust, corrosion, and fading, ensuring that your fence maintains its integrity and appearance even when exposed to rain, snow, or intense sunlight.

Versatile Design Options:

One of the standout features of aluminum fences is their versatility in design. Homeowners and businesses can choose from a wide array of styles, heights, and other features. This flexibility allows for customization to match the specific aesthetic and functional requirements of the property.

Low Maintenance Requirements:

Compared to traditional fencing materials, aluminum fences are exceptionally low maintenance. They do not require painting, staining, or sealing. Routine cleaning with mild soap and water is typically sufficient to keep them looking pristine.

Security Features:

Aluminum fences provide a reliable and secure perimeter for your property. Many designs incorporate features like pickets or spear-tops, adding an extra layer of security without compromising the overall elegance of the fence.

Aluminum fences offer a compelling blend of durability, design flexibility, low maintenance, and security features. As a fencing material, aluminum continues to gain popularity for those seeking a reliable and aesthetically pleasing.

Things to consider when looking at aluminum fencing

  • How much aluminum is actually being used – The thicker the posts and panels are the better they will hold up over time. When a good amount of aluminum is used in the manufacturing process you can be sure the fence won’t be damaged by a large dog or a minor bump with your lawn mower. There are many fences out there that can be bent by the simple acts gone wrong.
  • Post size matters – many aluminum manufacturers only offer six-foot high posts. This means your post will be less than two feet into the ground for a four-foot-high fence. In most states, this will not get you beneath the frost line which will cause the concrete surrounding the post to heave out of the ground once it freezes. Additionally, such a shallow post weakens the overall durability of the fence as the post can be easily pushed out of place.
  • Powder Coating is crucial – A thick powder coat will ensure your fence is not easily scratched by landscaping etc. It will also ensure that your black aluminum fence does not bleach in the sun over time. Some imported aluminum fences are not powder coated at all. 
  • Lifetime Material Warranty – any aluminum fence manufacturer worth their salt has a lifetime material warranty.
  • Styles– The standard aluminum fence is a Flop Top 3 Rail Fence.  This classic design offers all the advantages of aluminum at the best price point.  There are many options though that can be chosen to individualize the look for your property.  Speartop, Flat top with Spear, Scalloped Spear Top are just a few of the options available.
  • Dog Friendly – Aluminum also has the option of a puppy picket bottom, this has the spacing of the pickets much closer together so that small dogs or puppies are not able to get through.

Vinyl Fencing

Durability and Longevity

Vinyl fencing stands out for its exceptional durability, making it a superior choice for homeowners in Avon. This type of fencing is especially resilient against common issues that affect other materials. Unlike wood, vinyl does not deteriorate due to rot or warp over time. It is also impervious to pests such as termites, which can significantly damage wooden fences. This robustness ensures that vinyl fencing remains a steadfast and reliable boundary for your property.

The long-lasting nature of vinyl fencing is one of its most significant advantages. Once installed, it requires very little maintenance, saving homeowners time and effort in upkeep. This feature is particularly beneficial in Noblesville, where weather conditions are diverse and can be harsh. Vinyl’s ability to withstand various weather conditions – from intense sun and heat to cold, wet winters – makes it an ideal choice for the region.

In addition to its structural resilience, vinyl fencing maintains its appearance over time. It does not need painting or staining, and its color remains vibrant for years without fading. The minimal maintenance required typically involves simple cleaning with soap and water, making it a convenient option for busy homeowners.

Low Maintenance

One of the biggest advantages of vinyl fencing is its low maintenance. It doesn’t require painting or staining, and cleaning it is as simple as using soap and water. This means more time enjoying your backyard and less time maintaining it.

Aesthetics and Variety

Vinyl fencing stands out as a top choice for homeowners due to its wide range of styles, colors, and textures. This versatile material can complement any home aesthetic, from the classic charm of a traditional white picket fence to the sleek appeal of contemporary designs. 

Unlike other fencing materials, vinyl’s color is not just on the surface; it’s integrated into the material itself. This integration guarantees long-lasting vibrancy and eliminates concerns about fading or peeling, often encountered with painted fences. This feature makes vinyl fences a practical, low-maintenance option for homeowners who want to enhance their property’s curb appeal without the hassle of frequent upkeep. 

With vinyl, the aesthetic appeal is enduring, ensuring that your fence remains as visually striking years down the line as it was on the day of installation. This durability, combined with the variety of style options, makes vinyl fencing an excellent choice for those looking to balance aesthetic appeal with practical functionality in their home fencing solutions.

Easy Installation

Compared to other fencing materials, vinyl is relatively easy to install. This can lead to lower installation costs and less disruption to your property. However, professional installation is recommended to ensure that your fence is set up correctly and lasts for years to come.

Eco-Friendly Option

Vinyl fencing can be a more eco-friendly option than other materials. It’s often made from recycled materials, and its durability means it doesn’t need to be replaced as often, reducing waste over time.


While the initial cost of vinyl fencing can be higher than some other materials, its longevity and low maintenance requirements make it a cost-effective choice in the long run.

Safety and Privacy

Vinyl fencing is an exceptional choice for homeowners seeking both privacy and security for their property. Its robust construction offers a reliable barrier, ensuring that your backyard remains a secluded haven for your family. This type of fencing can be tailored to various heights, catering to different privacy needs. Whether you’re looking to create a cozy, intimate space or need a higher fence for added security, vinyl fencing can be customized accordingly.

The strength of vinyl fencing lies in its sturdiness and resilience, making it a durable option for securing your property. Unlike other materials that may weaken over time, vinyl maintains its structure and appearance, offering long-term reliability. This makes it an ideal solution for families looking to create a safe outdoor environment for children and pets.

Moreover, the solid panels of vinyl fencing provide an effective shield against external noise, creating a peaceful, serene atmosphere in your backyard. This feature is particularly beneficial for properties located in busy neighborhoods or near bustling streets.

Enhances Property Value

A well-installed vinyl fence significantly enhances the curb appeal and overall value of your property, making it a wise investment for homeowners focused on both aesthetic and financial benefits. Vinyl fencing, known for its clean lines and enduring beauty, adds a touch of elegance to any property. Its ability to maintain a fresh appearance over time, without the need for frequent repainting or staining, makes it particularly appealing to potential homebuyers.

In addition to its visual appeal, vinyl fencing is recognized for its durability and low maintenance requirements. These features contribute to the overall value of your home, as they indicate a long-lasting, hassle-free investment for future owners. A well-maintained vinyl fence signals to prospective buyers that the property is cared for, potentially increasing its market value and attractiveness.

The versatility of vinyl fencing in terms of design and style also plays a significant role in enhancing your home’s curb appeal. With a range of colors and styles available, homeowners can choose a fence that complements their home’s architectural style and landscape design, creating a cohesive and inviting exterior.

Vinyl fencing offers a host of benefits for Avon homeowners, from durability and low maintenance to aesthetic versatility and eco-friendliness. Whether you prioritize longevity, ease of maintenance, or style, vinyl fencing is an excellent choice for your home. Visit Draper Fencing Company to explore more about vinyl fencing options and how they can complement your home.

Chain LinkFencing Material in Avon

Chain Link Fencing Benefits

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into some of the many benefits of chain link fencing.

Low Maintenance

One of the most significant benefits of chain link fencing is that it is incredibly easy to care for. All you need to do is clean it and check it for damage about twice a year, and you are all set! There are also a few different finishing options (galvanized, aluminized, or vinyl coating) that can prevent your chain link fence from rusting or gathering dirt.

If your fence does not have one of these finishings or has experienced some wearing, simply follow these steps to clean it. All you’ll likely need is a garden hose. Focus on any spots with notable rust and spray them with more pressure from the hose. If there is still rust, simply use a hard-bristled cleaning brush to remove it and give the location another spray-down.

Budget Friendly

In comparison to other types of fences and other fencing materials, chain link fences are quite affordable. They are typically among the least expensive to install, and since they do not require a lot of maintenance, they are also one of the most cost-effective in the long run. This makes chain link fencing an excellent solution for anyone building a fence on a budget.

Increases Property Value

Whether you are planning to sell your home soon or are simply thinking about the long term, installing a fence is an incredibly easy way to increase your property value. Opting for a chain-link fence is also a great option because it offers the benefits of having a fence without obscuring your property from anyone considering it.

Additionally, many homeowners look for homes with fences because they offer increased security and safety. This is especially true for families or individuals who are looking to start a family.


Chain link fencing is incredibly tough. It is made from interlocking coated steel wire, and when taken care of properly, it can last a very long time. In addition, because the fence has holes between the interlocking wires, it can resist moderately high winds, as the wind is allowed to pass through the fence rather than hitting it straight on. Chain link fencing also performs well in other weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and hail.

Easy to Repair

Another significant benefit of chain link fencing is that if a part of your fence gets damaged, you do not have to worry about replacing the whole fence. Any damaged pieces of fencing can be cut out and replaced relatively easily. Additionally, repairs are rarely even noticeable because you can get the same type and color of coating as the rest of your fencing!

Improved Security for Your Yard

Installing a fence of any kind is a great way to prevent people from entering your property without invitation. The simple truth is that a fence makes it harder to enter a property, which increases the risk of being seen and caught. This deters many people from trying to get onto your property and, therefore, can help you keep your property more secure.

Additionally, a chain link fence can also help deter many wild animals from entering your property, which is especially important if you have young children or pets that may get hurt or interact with them.

Provides Safety for Kids and Animals

Alongside providing improved security for the things in your yard, as mentioned above, chain link fencing also provides an additional level of protection for your family as well. Yards that are not fenced in can be dangerous for kids and animals because if left unattended, they may wander off of the property.

On the other hand, chain link fencing makes it incredibly challenging (if not impossible) for your kids or pets to escape from the yard. Additionally, if they do try to get out, you’ll have plenty of time to see them and prevent them from doing so.

Allows in More Sunlight

Unlike many other fences, chain link fences feature many small holes that let light into your property. This makes chain link fencing a fantastic solution for anyone who is looking for the added security that a fence offers but does not want to block out natural sunlight. This is especially great for individuals who love growing plants that require a lot of sunlight.

Easy Installation

The final benefit we’ll discuss here is installation. How long it takes to install a fence can vary depending on the type of fence, the perimeter of the yard, and even the type of ground you are installing on.

You may worry about how much work it will be to install a fence on your property, but with chain link fencing, you do not have to worry. In comparison to many other types of fencing, chain link fencing is incredibly easy to install, and you can also have your fence professionally installed to ensure that it is going to be sturdy and compliant with any regulations from your state, city, or other body (like a homeowners association).

So, are you thinking about a new fence for your property in Avon? Draper Fencing Company has been serving Central Indiana for almost a decade and is committed to ensuring that each and every customer is happy with their fence. We can help you ensure that you are getting the right fence for your needs and your property so that you can rest assured that your kids, pets, and the items on your property will be safe behind a sturdy and secure fence.

Contact us today at Draper Fencing Company for a free estimate your fence project for your home!

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Pete Cowden

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After graduating high school, Pete joined the Army. He served three tours of duty as a US Army Ranger. Eventually his injuries built up leading to a medical retirement. After retiring from the Army, Pete attended Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis. In 2015 Pete graduated with a Bachelor’s of the Arts in International Studies. 

Pete spent some time working with his fellow veterans in Washington D.C as well as right here in Indianapolis before moving into the fencing industry. Pete began working for Draper Fencing Company in 2021. 

Initially Pete worked primarily as an estimator. He learned quickly the challenges fence installers face and how to overcome them. He constantly gathered feedback from his crews to ensure he was setting them and the customer up for success. 

Pete now manages the entire company. He has managed the building of millions of dollars of fencing projects from small downtown yards to large commercial projects. Draper Fencing Company installs a wide range of products from commercial chain link to ornate custom cedar fences. Pete leads a production department that has over forty five years of fence building experience.

A big part of managing the company is making sure he understands not just how to build a fence but knowing what customers want. He stays up to date on permitting and code enforcement. Part of his job now is to put his years of experience into writing blogs on our website. We strive to communicate clearly and effectively with our customers and our blog posts are an extension of that.