Embarking on a new fencing project can be a thrilling yet challenging endeavor, especially when it involves the beauty and durability of cedar fencing. Whether it’s for enhancing your home’s aesthetic, ensuring privacy, or securing your property, a well-built cedar fence can make a significant difference. This comprehensive guide aims to demystify the process, taking you through a step-by-step journey of what to expect when you collaborate with a professional fencing company in Indianapolis. From finding the right company to the final post-installation walkthrough, here’s everything you need to know about your upcoming cedar fence installation.

1. Finding Your Fencing Company

You’ve done your research and chosen a company with competitive pricing, excellent value, and professional estimators. This is the initial step towards your new fencing project.

2. Understanding the Contract

The first essential step is to thoroughly understand the contract. This document should explicitly outline the scope of work, terms and conditions, as well as warranty specifications. It’s a tool to ensure accountability on both sides. An unambiguous contract promotes clear communication and prevents any misunderstandings about the project.

3. Making the Deposit

After you’re satisfied with the contract, you’ll be required to make a deposit. A 50% deposit is standard in the fencing industry, which typically covers the cost of the materials for your project. Beware of companies asking for a larger deposit.

4. Setting the Installation Date

With the deposit made, you should receive your installation date promptly. The time frame given during the estimation process should align closely with the actual scheduling. Weather conditions can potentially delay outdoor projects, so professional companies often ask for a scheduling window.

5. Pre-Installation Communication

The company should keep you informed about all pre-installation activities and what’s expected of you. Expect regular updates reminding you of tasks that need completion, like marking private utilities or securing permits.

6. Preparing the Site: Marking Utilities

Due to the nature of fence installation, all public utilities must be marked before digging or driving posts. A professional fence company takes this responsibility, ensuring all utilities such as power, gas, water, and internet/telephone lines are clearly marked.

7. Installation Day: Meeting the Crew and Reviewing the Plan

When the installation day arrives, you should meet with the crew lead for a pre-installation walkthrough. This interaction ensures everyone is on the same page regarding the work to be done.

8. The Installation Process

Installing a Cedar Privacy fence is a straightforward but labor-intensive process. It starts with digging holes for setting the posts, followed by installing the posts and framing, and finally, the pickets are installed.

9. During the Building Process

It’s encouraged that customers be present during the building process to monitor progress and ensure everything aligns with the plan. However, keep in mind that some things may not look perfect until the fence is complete.

10. Post-Installation Walkthrough

Upon completion of the fence, a post-installation walkthrough with the crew lead is performed to ensure you’re satisfied with your new fence.

In Conclusion: The Mark of a Professional Fence Company: Ultimately, you should expect clear and effective communication, cleanliness, and professionalism throughout the process from a professional fence company, ensuring you’re delighted with your purchase.