How to Choose the Right Cedar Fence for Your Indianapolis Home

by | Apr 17, 2023 | Cedar Fencing, indianapolis

One of the best aspects of buying a new cedar fence is the fact it is made out of lumber. The reason this is important is it allows for easy modifications in design. A good carpenter and fence builder can make such modifications quickly unlike other fence types such as vinyl or aluminum. The ability to make these modifications quickly means that there is a wide range of options all at affordable prices. 

As with any home improvement project, it is important to know the purpose of the project as well as set a budget. Most of us shopping for a Cedar fence are going to be interested in four points:

  1. Privacy
  2. Security
  3. Terrain
  4. Design 


All six-foot high Cedar fences are going to afford a good amount of privacy. However, not all Cedar fences are equal when it comes to privacy. At Draper Fencing Company we say that Board on Board is the only true privacy fence. The overlapping pickets ensure that even if pickets shrink or slightly bow, no one will be able to see through the fence. Any fence which has one layer of pickets will have slight gaps. Most of us do not mind these small spaces but for those who do Board on Board is your best option. 


As a Veteran Owned and Operated company, we know that there is no such thing as perfect security however all six-foot-high Cedar fences afford a good amount of security from both inside and outside. A Cedar privacy fence will keep your pups and children playing securely in your yard. 

It is important to think about which side of the cedar fence you want the framing to be on. All well-constructed wood fences use 2×4 “stringers” to frame the fence and attach pickets to it. Some customers consider this part of the fence to be ugly however if you put the framing on the outside it is much easier to climb the fence. 

Terraincedar fence

It is always important to think about how your fence choice will fit your yard. If you have a relatively flat yard you can pick just about any style and it will look great. If you have a yard that fluctuates a lot, stick with a vertical picket fence that does not use a top cap board. The reason is that such styles are much easier to adjust to terrain leaving a beautiful fence line. Horizontal fences have to be “stair-stepped” which means an entire panel has to step down as the yard’s grade changes. Of course, we know how to make this look good but it can leave larger gaps at the bottom of the fence allowing smaller dogs to escape. 

At Draper Fencing Company, one of the things that set us apart from other fence companies is that we “stick build” all our fences. Most fence companies pre-build their wood panels and try to fit them into your yard. We bring all materials to the job site and custom-fit the fence to your yard. Our building method allows us to ensure a clean symmetric look to any yard using any style of fence. 


Finally, we come to the fun part. Draper Fencing Company offers a wide array of Cedar Privacy Fences. When it comes to fence design we need to start with budget. The more ornate the design the more lumber and time the fence takes to build. When you’re buying an ornate fence you want it to last a very long time and you want an installation team that doesn’t take shortcuts. At Draper Fencing Company we do not use subcontractors. This is important because the people who build your fence know it is in their best interest to build the fence correctly the first time. 

The first three designs are commonplace in most Indianapolis neighborhoods. 

  1. Solid Board – the most economical privacy fence around. Solid Board uses 3 – 2×4 stringers and 1 layer of pickets placed right up next to each other. It checks the boxes of both security and privacy at a very affordable price. Draper Fencing Company uses Sugi Cedar which comes with a beautiful reddish hue. If you’re working with a budget you can’t go wrong with Solid Board. 
  2. Board on Board – A slight upgrade to Solid Board. Board on Board uses an overlapping style of picket to give the fence a nice design in-depth as well as perfect privacy. 
  3. Shadowbox – Shadowbox is built with a spaced row of pickets on both sides of the 2×4 framing. This construction allows for wind to easily flow through the fence while affording a good amount of privacy. It also looks very similar regardless of which side of the fence you are looking at. It is a very widely used style in many neighborhoods and offers a beautiful style at a great price. 

Now we get into some more ornate fences with many options

  1. Horizontal with Trim – simply take the 6’ pickets and turns them horizontally. Horizontal fences give your home a modern feel while remaining an economical option
  2. Picture Frame – Picture Frame fences take either Solid Board or Board on Board and add a frame to each panel. Picture Frame gives the fence depth and looks amazing. It adds some lumber as well as time but really adds beauty to the common fence styles.
  3. Cap N Trim – Cap N Trim is built with exposed posts, post caps, picture framing, and a top cap board. It is an extremely sturdy and ornamental fence. When finished anyone can tell that this fence was built by expert fencers and carpenters. It elevates the look of any backyard. Our customers love this design. 
  4. Trellis – We can also add a 1’ trellis topper to any 6’ privacy fence. The trellis gives a taller look while following most areas’ HOA and municipal building regulations. Trellis Cedar fencing gives a yard that traditional English garden look. 
  5. Scalloped – You can add scalloping to any of the three common Cedar Fences. We can scallop either convex or concave. The scalloped look brings to mind the classic New England architectural style. 
  6. Industrial – One of our employee favorites. Our Industrial Cedar Fence mixes Horizontally with Trim and Corrugated Steel Panels. It combines a rustic feel with a modern look and reminds us of a backyard ready for some Texas-style BBQ. 

Of course, if you’re not looking for privacy almost any of our styles can also be built at four or five-foot heights as well. 

Have a specific design in mind that you don’t see here or on our website? Draper Fence Company is open to custom builds for customers who have fallen in love with an idea and want to see it put into place by experts. 

At Draper Fence Company we pride ourselves on our expert fence installation and top-notch customer service. As you can see we have a wide range of Cedar fences to fit any style. Give us a call and schedule your free consultation today.

Pete Cowden

Pete Cowden

Director of Sales and Operations

Pete Cowden grew up on the west side of Indianapolis. He attended St Michael’s School from kindergarten through eighth grade before going to North Central High School. Pete won a state championship in Rugby and graduated with an Indiana Honors diploma from North Central in 2007.

After graduating high school, Pete joined the Army. He served three tours of duty as a US Army Ranger. Eventually his injuries built up leading to a medical retirement. After retiring from the Army, Pete attended Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis. In 2015 Pete graduated with a Bachelor’s of the Arts in International Studies. 

Pete spent some time working with his fellow veterans in Washington D.C as well as right here in Indianapolis before moving into the fencing industry. Pete began working for Draper Fencing Company in 2021. 

Initially Pete worked primarily as an estimator. He learned quickly the challenges fence installers face and how to overcome them. He constantly gathered feedback from his crews to ensure he was setting them and the customer up for success. 

Pete now manages the entire company. He has managed the building of millions of dollars of fencing projects from small downtown yards to large commercial projects. Draper Fencing Company installs a wide range of products from commercial chain link to ornate custom cedar fences. Pete leads a production department that has over forty five years of fence building experience.

A big part of managing the company is making sure he understands not just how to build a fence but knowing what customers want. He stays up to date on permitting and code enforcement. Part of his job now is to put his years of experience into writing blogs on our website. We strive to communicate clearly and effectively with our customers and our blog posts are an extension of that.