Finding the Best Fencing Company Near Me: Your Ultimate Guide

by | Aug 29, 2023 | Fencing

Finding the best fencing company near you can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. With the many options available, you need to know what to look for when determining the best fencing company to meet your needs. But where do you begin?

If you find yourself constantly searching for a “fencing company near me” or looking for the “best fencing company near me,” you’ve found the guide you need. This blog will cover the essential tips and factors to consider when selecting a fencing company to suit your needs perfectly. Whether you want a new fence for privacy, security, or aesthetics, read more to make an informed decision.

Key Factors to Consider

There are several factors to consider when searching for the best fencing company near you to meet your home’s fencing and security needs. Below are some of the most essential details to consider when choosing a company to work with.

Material Options

You might not assume that fences come in many materials–however, this notion is far from the truth. Different fencing companies will provide different fencing materials to make the design of your dreams and breathe life into your property.

Depending on your needs, you might choose one fencing material over another:

Cedar Fencing

A stunning cedar fence using prime-grade cedar is an excellent choice for your new fence. Cedar is perfect for protecting your yard against invasive insects, minimizing rot and warping, unlike other types of wood fencing. Cedar comes in stunning shades and provides plenty of privacy for outdoor living! Draper Fencing Company will only build with premium Cedar. Many other companies offer Pressure Treated Pine but it tends to bow and warp within a few years leaving customers with a new fence that looks terrible.

Aluminum Fencing

Another popular fencing material is aluminum, which is perfect if you’re looking for a long-lasting and stylish fencing solution. Aluminum fencing, like the options from Draper Fencing, has a thick powder coating to protect your fence from harsh weather and rust. Draper Fencing uses some of the thickest, most durable aluminum fencing available and offers a Lifetime Material Warranty to guarantee that your fencing solution lasts. Draper Fencing Company sources its aluminum from a local manufacturer right here in Indiana! Many companies are using imported aluminum fencing that simply will not withstand the test of time. 

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is another fantastic material to consider for your fencing needs. Vinyl is a highly durable fencing material that withstands harsh impacts and weather conditions. This material provides advanced security and privacy for you and your family to enjoy the outdoors in peace. Vinyl fencing will never warp or rot and is a great option for longevity. Draper Fencing Company sources its Vinyl fencing from a manufacturer in Northern Indiana.

Chain Link Fencing

Chain link is a popular fencing option that offers advanced security for your yard at an affordable price. Chain link fences from Draper Fencing are black-vinyl-coated, guaranteeing that your fence stays in optimal condition for years.

Design Styles

You don’t only want your fencing solution to last long and withstand harsh conditions–you also want it to look its best! The right fencing company will provide various design styles when planning your installation. The experts at Draper Fencing provide numerous design styles to choose from, tailored to your home’s unique aesthetic and needs.

Not sure what design suits your home best? Check out our inspiration gallery to get some fresh ideas!

Budget Considerations

Budget is a massive concern for many people considering adding a fence to their property. Always factor in your budget when seeking a fencing company near you. Compare prices from different fencing companies and weigh the pros and cons before deciding. Draper Fencing offers free cost estimates to guarantee that your fencing solution is within budget.

Communication and Professionalism

Some companies will be more communicative than others, and these are the companies you should keep in mind when making your final decision. Open and supportive communication indicates a level of professionalism that you need when choosing a fencing company. Fencing is not a simple project and you will need a company that works with you on permits, property lines, changes to the plan, and more. If you notice that some companies are quicker to respond than others, pursue these companies first.

Reputation Assessment

Never settle for the wrong fencing company when making your decision. Always conduct a thorough reputation assessment to determine whether a fencing company will meet your specific and unique needs.

Consider customer reviews and feedback when choosing a fencing company near you. Check out common review platforms like Yelp or Google Reviews to see what previous customers have to say about the company you’re considering working with. Also, consider seeking some of the company’s previous work to determine whether their capabilities align with your needs and wants from a fencing solution, such as in a comprehensive portfolio. Draper Fencing Company is the highest-reviewed fence company in Central Indiana with a 4.9 rating on Google.

Tips to Choose the Best Fencing Company Near Me

So you’ve narrowed your options to a few fencing companies that meet your needs and requirements–but how do you choose which is best for your home? Consider the following tips to make the right choice.

  • Verify that the fencing company is insured before installing.
  • Ask each company about warranties and after-sales support if issues arise with your new fence after installation.
  • Ensure the company knows local regulations and zoning laws regarding fence installations.
  • Inquire about the installation process for each company you consider to understand their level of professionalism and knowledge. Some installations might be more complex than others, so ensure that the company you choose can handle all of your requirements.
  • Review the contract and terms for each company to ensure that everything you agree to is fair and unbiased. Don’t sign until you’ve reviewed the agreement from each company. If a company has no terms it may mean they do not plan on holding to their end of the bargain.
  • Look out for pressure tactics with companies demanding an immediate response or decision on your behalf.
  • Trust your gut feeling–you shouldn’t work with the company if something seems off about the company’s professionalism and experience. Always choose a company you’re comfortable trusting with your fencing project.

Meet All of Your Fencing Needs With Draper Fencing Company

Finding a fencing company near you that perfectly aligns with your home’s needs and requirements is difficult when you don’t know where to look. Considering the factors and tips mentioned above can help you avoid any common mishaps that occur when people choose the wrong fencing company to work with.

Homeowners in Central Indiana can meet all of their fencing needs and install the fence of their dreams with Draper Fencing Company. Draper Fencing Company is the premier provider of high-quality fences in Central Indiana, serving residents seeking a new addition to their properties.

Contact Draper Fencing Company today to get a free estimate on your next fencing project!

Pete Cowden

Pete Cowden

Director of Sales and Operations

Pete Cowden grew up on the west side of Indianapolis. He attended St Michael’s School from kindergarten through eighth grade before going to North Central High School. Pete won a state championship in Rugby and graduated with an Indiana Honors diploma from North Central in 2007.

After graduating high school, Pete joined the Army. He served three tours of duty as a US Army Ranger. Eventually his injuries built up leading to a medical retirement. After retiring from the Army, Pete attended Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis. In 2015 Pete graduated with a Bachelor’s of the Arts in International Studies. 

Pete spent some time working with his fellow veterans in Washington D.C as well as right here in Indianapolis before moving into the fencing industry. Pete began working for Draper Fencing Company in 2021. 

Initially Pete worked primarily as an estimator. He learned quickly the challenges fence installers face and how to overcome them. He constantly gathered feedback from his crews to ensure he was setting them and the customer up for success. 

Pete now manages the entire company. He has managed the building of millions of dollars of fencing projects from small downtown yards to large commercial projects. Draper Fencing Company installs a wide range of products from commercial chain link to ornate custom cedar fences. Pete leads a production department that has over forty five years of fence building experience.

A big part of managing the company is making sure he understands not just how to build a fence but knowing what customers want. He stays up to date on permitting and code enforcement. Part of his job now is to put his years of experience into writing blogs on our website. We strive to communicate clearly and effectively with our customers and our blog posts are an extension of that.