As one of America’s largest cities, Indianapolis, the 14th largest city in the US, covers over 360 square miles. Its diverse neighborhoods, each with their unique styles and flavors, are what make the city vibrant and distinctive. At Draper Fencing Company, we’ve mastered the art of tailoring over 30 fence styles to each neighborhood’s character.

Vintage Charm with Modern Materials in Historic Districts

Many of Indianapolis’s historic districts like Fountain Square and Meridian Kessler hold fencing codes to maintain their architectural style. “Wrought iron style” fencing is popular in these areas. Aluminum, with its wide array of styles that mimic wrought iron, is the preferred material today. Here are a few examples:

Chic aluminum Speartop fence adding elegance to a historic district home.

Flat Top with Spear
Flat Top with Spear aluminum fence blending seamlessly into a historic neighborhood

Finial Top with Decorative Ball Caps & Circles
Finial Top with Decorative Ball Caps & Circles fence complementing a classic architectural style.

For areas wanting to retain the antique feel, yet allow for wood fences, scalloping and French Gothic posts are popular additions to privacy fences.

Scalloping and French Gothic posts
The popular Cap N Trim Cedar Privacy fence in Broad Ripple

Modern Meets Vintage in Older Neighborhoods

Some older neighborhoods like Broad Ripple preserve their “village” feel with a variety of Cedar privacy fences. Our top-rated Cedar Privacy fence, Cap N Trim, has adorned a few homes along the Monon trail.

Cap N Trim Cedar Privacy Fence

Cap N Trim Cedar privacy fence on a picturesque property

Cedar “Industrial” style fence combines a modern look with a vintage feel, ideal for post-war 1950’s style neighborhoods.

Cedar Industrial Style Fence

Cedar industrial style fence with a modern appeal.

With areas near downtown like Bates-Hendricks experiencing a renovation boom, the modern feel of our Horizontal w Trim fence style has gained popularity.

Horizontal w Trim Fence

Modern horizontal Cedar fence with trim

For neighborhoods such as Irvington on the east side that favor an “English Garden” feel, our Cedar with Trellis look is a favorite.

Cedar Fence with Trellis

Cedar fence with upper trellis design for an English garden feel.

We can even add Arches to most gates to give that old English feel.

Cedar Fence with Trellis and Arch

Cedar Fence with Trellis and Arch

Blending in with Nature in Open Neighborhoods

Indianapolis is not all about the city life. Some neighborhoods near Eagle Creek and Zionsville retain their agricultural feel. Our Dog Run fence design complements this atmosphere while providing security for pets.

Dog Run Fence Design

Dog run fence design keeping an agricultural feel.

Experience the Draper Fencing Company Difference

No matter what your neighborhood’s fencing requirements are, Draper Fencing Company has a style you’ll love. Our team will help you choose your dream fence, building every fence custom on site for the perfect fit. Every person you interact with, from start to finish, is an integral part of Draper Fencing. We never subcontract and stand by our work with both Craftsmanship and Material Warranties. Discover how a new fence can enhance your home and neighborhood today.