Fencing in Whiteland, Indiana

We are firmly dedicated to providing outstanding artistry and unmatched customer happiness. Our objective is to position ourselves as the foremost fencing company in Whiteland, IN. Drawing upon our extensive know-how, careful focus on even the tiniest elements, and utilization of top-notch materials, we ensure that each fencing venture we embark upon will not just surpass expectations but will also uphold its robustness over the long run.


Fencing in Whiteland Indiana
Fencing in Whiteland Indiana

Our Recent Work in Whiteland, IN

We had a customer in a new development who wanted a small patio fence for their elderly pup to soak up the sun. We installed a 4’H Spear Top Aluminum fence to the patio perimeter. It can be complicated to mount a fence to a concrete patio but Draper’s Craftsmen know how to get it done.

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