Fencing in Wesfield, IN

We are devoted to establishing ourselves as the leading fencing company in Westfield, IN, by offering impeccable craftsmanship and unmatched customer satisfaction. Leveraging our vast experience, meticulous attention to detail, and the use of high-quality materials, we guarantee that every fencing project we undertake exceeds expectations and remains durable over the years.

Fencing in Westfield, IN
Fencing in Westfield, IN

Our Recent Work in Westfield, IN

When Draper Fencing first opened its doors we were located in Westfield Indiana. It holds a special place in our hearts. We recently installed about 170’ of aluminum fencing for a customer with a brand new build. We had to delay installation a few times to wait for the yard to be graded. Such delays are no problem when everyone is communicating effectively. 

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