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Geist is a vibrant community that cherishes its serene landscapes, tight-knit neighborhoods, and flourishing local businesses. At Draper Fencing, we’re proud to serve the residents of Geist by offering top-notch fencing services that not only enhance the beauty and security of their homes but also contribute to the charm of our beloved community.

fencing in geist, indiana

Our Recent Work in Geist, IN

We were able to help an HOA in Giest that had new concrete done around their pool and needed new black vinyl chain link fence and gates to divide the two pools and around the perimeter.  They wanted the fencing to match what had been in place and we were able to do that and make sure the community pools are protected.

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Aluminum Fencing

Geist, IN

In Geist, IN, our aluminum fences seamlessly combine durability and elegance, guaranteeing a long-lasting and visually pleasing perimeter for your property.

Cedar Fencing

Geist, IN

Our meticulously crafted cedar fences in Geist, IN not only elevate the aesthetic charm of your property but also deliver lasting durability and innate beauty.

Chain Link Fencing

Geist, IN

In Geist, IN, our chain link fences provide affordable security for your yard. We utilize black vinyl-coated chain link, ensuring decades of strength without rusting.

Vinyl Fencing

Geist, IN

Transform your Geist, IN yard with a striking and resilient vinyl fence from Draper Fencing Company.


Geist, IN

In Geist, IN, our picket fences embody our dedication to harmonizing aesthetic charm with practicality.

Almond Vinyl Privacy Fence

Geist, IN

In Geist, IN, our skilled team is devoted to delivering robust and visually appealing fencing solutions customized to meet your specific requirements.

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Geist, IN

Decorative fences in Geist, IN become an extension of your home’s unique personality, seamlessly blending aesthetic charm with practical functionality.

Fencing in Avon, Indiana

Geist, IN

In Geist, IN, horizontal fencing transcends mere boundary markers, becoming a statement of unparalleled style and sophistication for your property.

aluminum fencing

Geist, IN

Steel and aluminum fences in Geist, IN are renowned for their individual benefits that appeal to homeowners seeking a perfect balance of style and functionality.

After image displaying a beautifully installed shadowbox Cedar fence, enhancing the yard's aesthetic appeal and providing a sense of security and privacy.

Geist, IN

Discover our exclusive assortment of cedar, aluminum, and estate and commercial gates tailored for Geist, IN properties, ensuring both elegance and functionality.

trex fence

Geist, IN

Trex Fences present Geist, IN homeowners with an impeccable fusion of durability, aesthetics, and sustainability, positioning them as the ultimate choice for elevating outdoor spaces.

A new cedar fence for a historic home in Indianapolis.

Geist, IN

In Geist, IN, our skilled craftsmen are dedicated to providing durable and visually captivating wood fences, enhancing both the beauty and security of your property with pride.

A well-installed aluminum fence surrounding a beautifully landscaped pool area in Indianapolis, demonstrating the aesthetic appeal and safety benefits of aluminum fencing

Geist, IN

In Geist, IN, pool fences offer safety and aesthetic enhancement, providing homeowners with peace of mind beyond mere regulation compliance.

dog run

Geist, IN

In Geist, IN, we offer dog fencing options, prioritizing both your pet’s safety and the enhancement of your outdoor area’s aesthetics.