Enhancing Privacy and Security with Cedar Fencing in Indianapolis

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Cedar fencing can be used to create a dedicated space for privacy and security is essential for homeowners and business owners today. Privacy fencing offers many benefits. Cedar fencing is a beautiful, durable option for privacy-enhancing security for your home or business. This blog explores the advantages of cedar wood fencing, including information about installation and maintenance.

The Purpose and Benefits of Privacy Fencing

A fence is a barrier purposed to protect and confine a designated area. It also excludes or prevents animals or people from accessing an area. Fencing creates a boundary. In addition to creating a boundary, privacy fencing blocks the view of the enclosed area. Privacy fences are typically between six and eight feet tall and constructed in a way that blocks sight lines, concealing objects and activities from outside view.

Privacy fencing provides homeowners typically surrounding the backyard perimeter of a property, creating a backyard sanctuary where family and friends can unwind and spend quality time together without being on display for the neighbors or passersby. At a business, privacy fencing offers added security, creating a defined boundary and protecting valuable assets.

Advantages of Cedar Fencing

Cedar is a very popular choice for wood fencing. It adds natural beauty with a warm color and texture. Cedar is native to North America, making it an eco-friendly choice requiring minimal chemical treatment. The natural oils add to the attractive look of cedar fencing, elevating curb appeal for homes and businesses.

Cedar fencing offers more than enhanced aesthetics. Some of the many advantages of cedar fencing include:


Cedar is solid and durable. It will stand straight and remain stable for many years. It is more durable than other wood choices because of its natural oils. The natural oils in cedar make it more resistant to insect infestation, rotting, and harsh weather conditions.

Low Maintenance:

Cedar fencing requires minimal maintenance. After installation, it will require occasional staining or sealing.


Design options are almost endless with cedar wood. It works well for picket, privacy, board-on-board or lattice fencing, and many more design options. Also, cedar accepts a wide range of stains, from light colors to dark. It also looks beautiful with semi-transparent finishes showing off the natural beauty of the wood.


Cedar is a top choice as an environmentally friendly option. It is a renewable resource native to North America, resulting in a lower carbon footprint than other building materials.

Curb Appeal:

Cedar adds natural beauty and elegance to any property, from homes to businesses. Due to design versatility, it blends well with many different architectural styles.

Enhancing Privacy and Security

Cedar wood fencing is an excellent option for privacy and security. A wood fence is a go-to choice for homeowners and business owners because of its height and sturdy construction. Cedar fencing provides a shield against intruders and keeps your activities out of public view. Cedar wood fencing stays secure longer because of its natural ability to deter insect infestations that often lead to deterioration in other types of wood fencing. In addition, cedar fencing is less prone to warping, helping maintain the stability and strength of fencing.

Installation of Cedar Fencing

After establishing your property boundaries and where you will place your fence, it is essential to understand cedar before you shop for fence boards, posts, and cross rails. Cedar fence boards are typically moist when purchased and come in different grades. Choose the best one for your project and ensure it is completely dry before applying finishes. The next step is choosing the correct posts and cross rails for your fencing project.

Building a fence involves digging holes, installing posts, bracing off string lines for reference, mixing and placing concrete for posts, and allowing the concrete to cure. It is crucial to check with the local government for permitting requirements and avoid utility lines when digging fence post holes. Other considerations include safety when handling materials and a list of tools required to install a fence properly.

Maintaining Your Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing is low maintenance; however, it does require some care to maximize the life of your fence and keep it looking its best. Regular cleaning is essential to remove dirt and debris accumulation. Power washing with a soft method is recommended to reduce the chance of damage to the wood. Protective finishes can enhance and seal the natural beauty, increasing the wood’s natural durability with a layer of protection from weather elements and pests.

Additional maintenance tips include ensuring proper drainage around the bottom of the fence to avoid standing water accumulation and trimming vegetation that can come in contact with the fencing. Consistent maintenance and inspection of cedar fencing will help preserve its beauty and strength over time.

Why Choose Professional Fence Installation Services?

DIY cedar fence installation may offer some cost savings. However, there are many advantages to calling a professional fence company to install your privacy fence. Calling a professional gives you the benefits of their experience and expertise. As with many home improvement projects, fence installations often come with unexpected challenges, and a fencing company will know how to handle them all. Hiring a professional is faster than approaching DIY installation and will often come with a warranty, protecting your investment. Hiring a professional helps you avoid mistakes, including permitting mishaps and running into underground utility issues. Lastly, the expert workmanship provided by a professional fence company offers a strong and durable fence.

If you are in the Indianapolis, Indiana, area and need privacy cedar fencing, we invite you to consider Draper Fencing. Draper Fencing Company is a trusted resource for all fending needs. We have been in business for over ten years, and our crew has over 26 years of experience. We never hire subcontractors, so everyone you come in contact with from Draper works directly for Draper, making our accountability and quality unmatched! We take pride in excellent customer service, making your satisfaction a priority. You can trust us to do things right and help you navigate challenges with HOA organizations or permitting needs.

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