Enhance Your Property with the Finest Fencing Company Nearby

by | Aug 22, 2023 | Fencing

Transforming your property into a beautiful haven of safety and security is possible with the right fencing solution. However, with the dozens of fencing companies on the market, finding the best fencing company nearby can be difficult.

Elevating your property with the finest fencing company nearby is possible when you choose Draper Fencing Company. But how does a fence enhance your property and boost its aesthetics, and what options are available to suit your specific style and needs? This article will dive deep into fencing solutions to help you find the best option for your home. Let’s get started!

How a Fencing Company Nearby Will Enhance Your Property

An experienced fencing company knows exactly how a new fence will enhance your home and help you find a newfound love for your property. Working with the best fencing company nearby can take your property to the next level and boost your home’s aesthetic appeal. But what are the specific ways a unique and stylish fencing solution can enhance your property? Let’s take a look.

Increase Privacy

One of the primary reasons property owners choose to install a fence around their homes is to increase privacy and security. Whether you want to shield prying eyes from your home’s pool or protect your entire property, you can find the security you want in the right fencing solution.

Privacy fences are an option from Draper Fencing to enhance your home security with fences up to eight feet tall, constructed to block sight lines and conceal your property from outside view. These fences can create a stunning sanctuary so you and your family can enjoy your yard in peace!

Boost Curb Appeal

Another excellent way the right fencing solution can enhance your home is by boosting curb appeal. A gorgeous fence like the designs offered by Draper Fencing Company can take your home’s exterior appearance to new heights, ensuring that your property stands out against the rest in your neighborhood.

Installing a fence is doubly important because, by boosting curb appeal, fences can increase your property’s overall value, making it easier and more profitable to sell in the future if you decide to. With 92 percent of realtors recommending that sellers work on their home’s curb appeal before putting it on the market, there’s no denying the benefits of choosing a new fencing solution for your home.

Establish a Secure Perimeter

A new fence can do wonders for you by defining your home’s perimeter and establishing a secure and safe area. Working with one of the finest fencing companies nearby is crucial for properties where perimeter lines aren’t entirely clear. This solution will boost your home’s security and ensure that you–and others–know exactly where your property lines begin and end.

The Best Fencing Materials

Enhancing your property with a nearby fencing company requires carefully considering different fencing materials to suit your home’s aesthetic and privacy needs. Draper Fencing Company offers various fencing materials to ensure you love your home’s newest addition. Below is an overview of the materials available through Draper Fencing.

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum is an affordable and durable material that can be styled to your liking, making it ideal for many fencing applications. Aluminum from Draper Fencing is covered with a thick powder coating to prevent damage from weather and rust.

Aluminum fencing, like the one offered at Draper Fencing Company, is thick and long-lasting, making it a cost-effective and low-maintenance solution to all your fencing needs. Additionally, our aluminum fences and other fencing materials come with a lifetime material warranty and a 3-year craftsmanship warranty to guarantee you get the most from your fencing solution.

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl is another excellent material to consider for your new fence. Draper Fencing provides premium vinyl fences for a durable, flexible, weather-resistant solution that can withstand harsh conditions and insects.

Vinyl is a prime material for fencing because it provides advanced security with minimal maintenance. This environmentally friendly solution has various colors and designs to match your home’s unique style. If you want a flexible solution with plenty of options at an affordable price, vinyl might be the material for you.

Cedar Fencing

Another viable material for your fence is cedar, perfect for homeowners who want the look of a classic wood fence with minimal risk of warping and rotting. Draper Fencing uses prime-grade cedar to amplify your home’s privacy and security, guaranteeing you love your home’s outdoor space and exterior appearance.

Chain Link Fencing

The classic chain link fence is a favorite for many homeowners and a fantastic option to boost your home’s security with a cost-effective solution. Black-vinyl-coated chain link fencing is perfect for homeowners seeking a durable solution that will last decades without rusting.

Fencing Design Trends

You don’t just want any plain old fence–you want a stylish solution that suits the rest of your property! Keeping up with modern fencing design trends is helpful to ensure that you make the right choice when choosing a fencing company and style. Some unique, modern trends and inspirations you can consider to make your property the talk of the town include:

  • Board-on-board cedar fences with trellis
  • Cedar industrial fencing with a horizontal double gate
  • Flat-top aluminum fencing with spears
  • Flat-top aluminum fencing with a single-arched gate
  • Galvanized chain link fences
  • Double-sided picture frame fencing
  • Spear top aluminum fencing with surface mounts
  • Single-arched drive or double-drive gates
  • Spaced picket fencing
  • French gothic pickets and posts
  • Dog run fencing
  • Aluminum pool fencing

Enhance Your Property With Fencing from Draper Fencing Company

Fences enhance your home’s privacy, boost curb appeal, and establish a secure perimeter around your home. By choosing the right fencing materials and finding a unique design to fit your home’s style and aesthetic, you can find a new love for your property’s exterior appearance.

Draper Fencing Company is the best fencing company nearby for Central Indiana residents seeking a new home addition. Our cedar, aluminum, vinyl, and chain link fencing are viable options for taking your home to the next level and loving every part of where you live.

Contact the Draper Fencing Company team today for a free estimate on your upcoming fencing project!

Pete Cowden

Pete Cowden

Director of Sales and Operations

Pete Cowden grew up on the west side of Indianapolis. He attended St Michael’s School from kindergarten through eighth grade before going to North Central High School. Pete won a state championship in Rugby and graduated with an Indiana Honors diploma from North Central in 2007.

After graduating high school, Pete joined the Army. He served three tours of duty as a US Army Ranger. Eventually his injuries built up leading to a medical retirement. After retiring from the Army, Pete attended Indiana University Purdue University – Indianapolis. In 2015 Pete graduated with a Bachelor’s of the Arts in International Studies. 

Pete spent some time working with his fellow veterans in Washington D.C as well as right here in Indianapolis before moving into the fencing industry. Pete began working for Draper Fencing Company in 2021. 

Initially Pete worked primarily as an estimator. He learned quickly the challenges fence installers face and how to overcome them. He constantly gathered feedback from his crews to ensure he was setting them and the customer up for success. 

Pete now manages the entire company. He has managed the building of millions of dollars of fencing projects from small downtown yards to large commercial projects. Draper Fencing Company installs a wide range of products from commercial chain link to ornate custom cedar fences. Pete leads a production department that has over forty five years of fence building experience.

A big part of managing the company is making sure he understands not just how to build a fence but knowing what customers want. He stays up to date on permitting and code enforcement. Part of his job now is to put his years of experience into writing blogs on our website. We strive to communicate clearly and effectively with our customers and our blog posts are an extension of that.