Draper Fencing Craftsmanship Warranty

Draper Fencing Company offers a THREE YEAR Craftsmanship warranty on all fences and gates. Our warranty covers any and all defects caused by workmanship. The warranty is transferable to anyone who buys the property the fence is installed on. 

What’s Covered?

The vast majority of our warranty repairs are actually just due to the normal “settling” of the fence. Over the first year or so a fence often sinks a bit. This can cause gates to begin to scrape the ground and not open smoothly. Just give us a call and we will come out to fix it up. At times when the ground is soggy posts may loosen in the ground. Again such defects are normal but covered under your warranty. While we strive for perfection there are times when a few finishing touches can be missed. Such errors on our part will always be covered under your warranty. 

What is Not Covered?

Materials are not covered under the craftsmanship warranty. While Draper Fencing uses prime-grade Cedar, over time all wood products can be expected to split, crack, warp, or bow. Some fence products, such as aluminum fencing, come with a Manufacturer’s Warranty. We will always pass this information on to you in your contract. 

Weather-related damage such as high winds or leaving gates open to flap in wind are not covered under warranty.

What Voids Your Warranty?

-Excessive or insufficient irrigation or failure to keep fence lines free of vegetation can cause rotting or soil contraction on wood fences. Larger vegetation can push fences out of line over time. 

-If any other company or corporation adds onto or attempts to alter Draper Fencing Company’s work.

At Draper Fencing Company we stand by our fences. For this reason, we build a repair day into our schedule every six weeks. While it is impossible to foresee every possible issue, we will always do what is right for our customers. You can rest easy knowing that your fence warranty is as solid as it gets.