Decorative Fences: Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetic and Privacy

Elevate Your Outdoor Space with Decorative Fencing

Decorative fences are not just barriers; they are an extension of your home’s personality, offering both aesthetic appeal and functionality. From the timeless charm of decorative wood fences to the sleek sophistication of decorative aluminum fences and the durable beauty of decorative vinyl fences, there’s a fencing material and style to suit every preference and need. Explore our guide to find the perfect decorative fence that reflects your style and complements your outdoor space.

Types of Decorative Fences

Explore our range of decorative fencing options, each designed to offer security, durability, and style to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Decorative fences

Aluminum Fencing

Aluminum fencing is a popular choice for homeowners looking to enhance their property’s security and curb appeal with a durable and low-maintenance option.

Decorative fence

Cedar Fencing

Cedar fencing is a timeless and versatile choice for homeowners, offering a classic appeal that complements a wide range of architectural styles.

White Vinyl Privacy w/ Trellis

Vinyl Fencing

Vinyl fencing is a durable, low-maintenance option that provides both privacy and appeal.


Why Choose Decorative Fences?

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Decorative fences transform ordinary landscapes into extraordinary outdoor living spaces. They add elegance, character, and style to any home.
  • Privacy and Security: While beautifying your property, these fences also provide the privacy and security every homeowner desires.
  • Increase Property Value: An investment in high-quality decorative fencing can significantly increase your home’s curb appeal and overall value.
  • Variety of Options: With a range of materials, designs, and colors, decorative fences offer endless customization options to match your home’s exterior and landscape.

Explore the Beauty of Decorative Fences: From Cedar to Aluminum and Vinyl

Decorative fences not only enhance the privacy and security of your home but also contribute significantly to its aesthetic appeal. Understanding the variety of materials and designs available can help you choose the perfect fence to complement your home’s architecture and landscape. Here’s a comprehensive look at decorative fences, organized by material and style.

Cedar Fences: Natural Beauty and Durability

Shadow Box Fences

Shadow box fences, crafted from cedar, offer a unique combination of privacy and ventilation. The alternating placement of boards allows light and air to pass through, creating a semi-private environment. The natural beauty of cedar adds warmth and a rustic charm to your property, making shadow box fences a popular choice for those seeking a balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal.

Picture Frame Fences

Picture frame fences made from cedar elevate the classic fencing look with a refined touch. These fences frame each section of the fence like a picture, enhancing the overall appearance of your outdoor space. Cedar’s natural resistance to decay and insects makes picture frame fences not only visually appealing but also durable and long-lasting.

Aluminum Fences: Elegance and Strength

Flat Top Fences

Aluminum flat top fences provide a sleek and modern look with clean, horizontal lines. This style is known for its elegance, offering a minimalist design that complements contemporary and traditional homes alike. Aluminum’s durability and resistance to corrosion make flat top fences a practical choice for those seeking low maintenance and long-term beauty.

Spear Top Fences

Spear top fences in aluminum combine security with decorative appeal. The spear-shaped pickets serve as a deterrent to intruders while adding an elegant architectural element to your fence. Aluminum spear top fences are perfect for homeowners looking for a stylish yet secure fencing solution.

Cedar, Aluminum, and Vinyl Fences: Versatility in Design

Fences with Trellis

Fences with trellis tops can be constructed from cedar, aluminum, or vinyl, offering versatility in design and material choice. A trellis adds a vertical garden space to your fence, allowing for climbing plants and creating a lush, living boundary. This option combines the beauty of nature with the functionality of a fence, suitable for those looking to add a green touch to their property.

Visual Elements: Enhancing Your Fence’s Appeal

Incorporating visual elements into your fence design can significantly enhance its appeal. Consider integrating lighting for ambiance, planters for a touch of greenery, or decorative posts and caps for added flair. These elements not only increase the beauty of your fence but also the overall appeal of your outdoor space.

Make a Statement with Decorative Fences

Decorative fences are more than just a boundary; they are a statement about your home’s style and your commitment to privacy and security. Whether you’re drawn to the warmth of wood, the elegance of aluminum, or the durability of vinyl, there’s a decorative fence that meets your needs and preferences. 

Explore our wide range of options and find the perfect fence to transform your outdoor space into a personal paradise.

Why Choose Draper Fencing Company?

Why Choose Draper Fencing?

Expertise and Experience

Draper Fencing Company brings years of expertise and experience to every project. Our team of professionals is well-versed in the latest industry standards and trends, ensuring that every fence installation is not only compliant with local regulations but also aligned with the highest quality and safety standards.

Why Choose Draper Fencing?

Warranty and Support

We stand behind the quality of our work with our 3-year craftsmanship warranty and ongoing support. Should you need maintenance or repairs down the line, Draper Fencing Company is here to provide the necessary support to keep your fence in top condition.

Why Choose Draper Fencing?

No Subcontractors

One of the standout features of Draper Fencing Company that sets us apart from many competitors is our commitment to not hiring subcontractors for any fencing project, including dog fences. This approach has several key benefits and reflects our dedication to quality, consistency, and customer satisfaction.

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