Aluminum fencing can be a beautiful and practical addition to any yard. Like all fences aluminum fencing can come in a variety of heights from 3-6’ in height. Today we are going to go over the factors to consider when deciding how tall you would like your fence to be.

HOA Requirements

90% of neighborhoods have some sort of regulation when it comes to fencing. Many newer suburban neighborhoods require that you use aluminum fencing. Some but not all require it to be 4’H. The first thing you need to do is check your HOA regulations for how tall they will allow your fence to be. If they only give one option such as 4’H, you could ask for a variance but it is unlikely to happen. If you are allowed a range of heights you will want to look into the utility of each.


When it comes to security there are two aspects to consider. Keeping animals or kids INSIDE the yard and keeping animals or other people OUTSIDE the yard. A standard 4’H fence is going to keep any small children inside the yard but it will not keep adults with nefarious purposes outside your fence. Anyone with some athletic ability can jump over or climb a 4’H fence. Increasing the height to 5’H will add some difficulty but it is unlikely to stop someone climbing over. Once you reach 6’H it becomes much more difficult for someone to get over your fence. Most people will need to pull themselves up in order to get over and this is not easy to do. If securing your yard is a top priority, switching from flat top aluminum fencing to spear top will increase the security of the fence.


The type of pet you have or will want to have in the future is an important factor to consider when deciding on your height and type of aluminum fence. Regardless of the height standard spacing between aluminum pickets is around 4”. If you have a very small dog you will want to go with Puppy Picket or Double Picket fencing. These also come in a variety of heights. If you have larger athletic pets such as german shepherds or huskies, the height of the fence becomes much more important. To truly rest easy with a young athletic dog in your yard you should consider 6’H. Most Shepherds or Huskies can jump over 5’H if they really want to. Of course, it also depends on your dog’s temperament. 


All homeowners know that price is a huge factor in any home improvement project. Aluminum fencing is not the same across the board. Simply put many foreign countries export very cheap aluminum fencing to the United States. These products often have subpar powder coating which leads to ugly scratches. Import alumium is often less material in general meaning the fencing is lighter and does not contain as much metal. The height of the fence also changes the price. The taller the fence the more you can expect to pay. While there is not an enormous difference between 4’ and 5’H when you get into the 6’H range the price does jump substantially. 6’H requires 4 horizontal rails to maintain a quality fence, it also takes longer to install and needs deeper posts. When selecting the height you should also first consult your budget.