What makes the best Cedar Fence Company Near You? For starters, it is that they use premium quality Cedar. Many fence companies use Pressure Treated Pine for fence building. The chemical treatment put into Pine makes it potentially unsafe for children and pets. Additionally, as the chemicals dry with age it causes the boards to warp and bow. The nature of pine materials causes uneven drying which leads to warping and bowing. 

Unlike  Pine, Cedar is a porous lumber that allows moisture to enter the wood and dry out quickly. In addition to its porosity, Cedar has natural oils known as Phenols. The trees produce these to prevent insect infestation. These oils are also what produce the beautiful red color and aroma of Cedar. When lumber yards chemically treat pine they are actually trying to imitate the natural oils in Cedar. Mother Nature always does it the best.

Species of Cedar

In order to find the best Cedar Fence Company near you, you should also inquire into what species of Cedar the company builds with. Cedar comes from a variety of places and each species has its own unique elements. Most would agree that Western Red Cedar is the best species for building. However, its popularity has led to shortages and very large price increases. Lumber experts agree that Sugi Cedar or Japanese Cedar is the best fence-building material. It has all the characteristics of Red Cedar but at a better price point. Lastly is White Cedar. White Cedar tends to come from north central America such as Minnesota or Michigan. Its native environment means that it does not have as much of the natural oils that prevent insect rot and warping. Per its name, it also lacks the beautiful red color and aroma of Red or Sugi Cedar. At Draper Fence Company we primarily build with Sugi Cedar however we do carry Western Red for those customers who prefer it. If you are curious about the type of Cedar a fence company near you carries ask them for a sample.

Company Characteristics

Once you are certain that the cedar fence company near you carries the highest quality Cedar material, the next thing to look at is their estimation process. You are looking for some characteristics that show a well-run company that cares about their customers:

1. Communication – Did they follow up after scheduling with confirmations and reminders?

2. Promptness – Did they value your time by showing up in the scheduled window and communicating the estimator’s arrival beforehand?

3. Professionalism – Was the estimator knowledgeable about the product, building process, and the challenges that your job may entail? Did they walk through what would be needed from you to ensure a smooth installation process?

4. Value – As with most things in life the cheapest product or estimate is very very rarely the best. However, if the cedar fence company near you is way above others it should come with an explanation. 

After the estimation process, you should consider how the fence will be built and the craftsmanship of the fence company. Many fence companies build pre-made panels. This can mean that their installers are not the best carpenters and will have problems with any challenges that come up later. It may be worthwhile to look at pictures of other projects they’ve done to see if they can handle your vision for the project. Of course, you want to ensure that they are taking the time to do it correctly the first time. Fence building is not rocket science but it is not easy. Whenever a job is difficult some will cut corners. 

So they have good materials and the estimation process went smoothly. You’ve even been given a competitive quote and the installation has been explained thoroughly. How do you know if the Cedar Fence Company Near You is the right one? Look at their reviews. While no company can have a perfect record it is clear by reviews that some companies are trying harder to satisfy their customers than others. This may mean standing by their warranty or making time to correct a miscommunication. Look for a company that is clearly striving to do the right thing for their customers and employees. After all, you are starting a relationship with this company and you want to make sure you choose the one that will pick up the phone to give maintenance advice or fix your gate after a couple of years have settled it. 

If you’re looking for the best Cedar Fence Company near you look no further than Draper Fencing Company. We carry the highest quality Cedar materials and a very competitive price. We take pride in our workmanship and have expert carpenters who love building fences from simple to highly ornate. Our philosophy is to do the right thing and the rest will take care of itself. Bottom line you need a contractor you can trust to do things the right way. When you hire Draper Fencing Company you can rest assured that your project will be handled by professionals who will stand by their word and product. Don’t take our word for it though. Draper Fencing Company is the highest-reviewed company in Central Indiana.