When it comes to pool safety, pool owners should look into the possibility of installing a fence. Aside from offering a charming aesthetic appeal, fences can offer a lot to the space, from safety to comfort. Often an ideal choice for pools, aluminum is naturally resistant to the types of corrosion that can wreak havoc on steel and iron fences. What’s more, aluminum is lightweight, affordable, and blends well with a broad range of architectural and landscape styles, making it a versatile choice aesthetically that can add a touch of charm to nearly any poolside space. To better understand why aluminum fencing is such a great choice, it can be helpful to explore some of the potential benefits associated with it.

Advantages of Aluminum Fencing for Pool Safety

There are various benefits of aluminum fencing. While many of the benefits have to do with aluminum being such an excellent material for creating strong, lightweight, and corrosion-resistant fences, aluminum fencing also offers a versatile style. This versatility allows pool owners to enhance their pool safety and can mesh well with a wide range of both architectural styles and landscaping styles. Let’s explore some of the advantages of aluminum fencing.

Resistent to Corrosion

Though aluminum can corrode, aluminum fences are not prone to rusting. As rust only affects metals made from iron, this is one issue that owners of aluminum fencing will not need to contend with. What’s more, aluminum corrosion can be mitigated through sufficient coating. Powder-coated aluminum fences can resist corrosion very effectively.

As a result, aluminum fences, particularly those with powder coating, can be extremely durable, long-lasting, and reliable. In addition to helping ensure that aluminum fences maintain their structural integrity for a long time, this also helps keep them easy to clean and look great, even down the road. This is one of the many reasons aluminum fences can be an excellent investment for nearly any pool.

Aluminum Fencing is Durablealuminum fencing

While aluminum is often touted as an excellent material because it’s so lightweight, it’s still a strong metal—capable of withstanding a lot. Aluminum fencing is an excellent option around pools because it offers plenty of strength. When it comes to withstanding the elements and dealing with all that nature has to offer, aluminum is an excellent material, able to withstand wind and storms. Being corrosion-resistant and strong, aluminum fencing is naturally durable, offering longevity.

Requires Little Maintenance

As properly coated aluminum fencing can be extremely resistant to corrosion and durable, it’s also often a naturally low-maintenance fencing material. While other types of fences may need to be frequently painted, re-stained, re-treated, or even might require regular replacement of fence posts, aluminum fencing doesn’t require frequent maintenance and rarely needs to be repainted. As such, it represents an ideal low-maintenance option and still looks great for years. Homeowners who are looking for resilient fencing that can both highlight their pool area and withstand the elements may find that aluminum fencing’s low-maintenance nature makes it an excellent choice.

Aluminum Fencing Looks Amazing

While it’s easy to overlook the simple things, they can still be extremely important. One consideration that can be easy to overlook but can nonetheless matter is how nice a fence looks. When it comes to your swimming pool, the fence that you’ll look at every time you’re around the pool can have a big impact on the feeling of the space. That’s why it can be so important to find a fence that not only fits your technical needs but also looks good.

A simple yet important reason why aluminum fences are often a great fit is the fact that they look great. A durable aluminum fence adds a bit of style and can mesh well with nearly any style of architecture or landscaping. There are a few reasons aluminum fencing can look so great, including that they:

  • Are a versatile component: Aluminum fences can come in a variety of styles and be painted in a range of colors. Rather than distracting from their surroundings, they can easily complement the swimming pool and adjacent area.
  • Are Durable and resistant to corrosion: Aluminum fencing, particularly that which has a coating on it, can be extremely resistant to corrosion, enabling it to retain its charm and look great for a long time.
  • Emphasize the swimming pool area: Aluminum fencing is also a great addition to a swimming pool because it can create a clear visible boundary around the swimming pool, both enhancing safety and creating a clear space for enjoying the swimming pool.
  • Are easy to clean: While other fencing materials can face significant corrosion or even rotting fairly early on, making them difficult to clean, aluminum fences, especially those which are coated, can resist corrosion for years and are generally very easy to clean. This can help keep them looking great for years.  
  • Are highly Customizable: With aluminum fencing, you’ve got a lot of options—height, style, color, gates, additions, and more. With so many options, it’s easy to make sure that aluminum fencing will mesh well with your outdoor space and offer a nice-looking addition to your swimming pool.

The Bottom Line

The truth is—aluminum fencing is often a great option for adding a safety fence to your swimming pool area. When it comes to fencing, there are a lot of factors to consider—factors such as the appearance of a fence, the durability of a fence, and the ease of maintenance that a fence offers. With aluminum fences, you don’t need to sacrifice form for function or vice versa. Some of the reasons aluminum fences can be a great choice for pool safety are that aluminum fences:

  • Are strong
  • Require little in the way of maintenance
  • Look great and can easily mesh with various styles
  • Are long-lasting
  • Resist corrosion when coated properly

If you’re interested in aluminum fencing for your Indianapolis pool, be sure to reach out today. At Draper Fencing, we used premium-grade aluminum made here in Indiana. We have the know-how and expertise to get the job done right, as well as a firm commitment to serving our community. Give us a call today or reach out online for a free estimate, and find out how we can help.